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Millie was 13 ½ when she was diagnosed with arthritis in her front right elbow. She had been limping for some time, and struggled to get up after resting. She no longer enjoyed her walks and seemed subdued. In addition to prescribing NSAID’s our vet suggested we try hydrotherapy and referred us to Taya at Stage 1 Hydrotherapy.

After just a few weeks we started to notice an improvement in Mille, particularly in her back legs, making it easier for her to get up. She was even able to try to jump into the boot of the car - something she had not been able to do for quite a while. Over the last few months she has continued to improve her overall fitness and her muscle mass has increased. Although Millie will always have arthritis, with regular hydrotherapy sessions she is now a much happier, active dog who once again enjoys her walks.

Taya is friendly, professional and knowledgeable, and provides an excellent service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stage 1 Hydrotherapy to anyone.Rachael Reid & Mike Groves

My little dog, Jazzie, was referred to Taya at Stage1 Hydrotherapy, by the vet after losing a lot of muscle mass in his back leg. The leg had been operated on four years previously but he was not using it as much as I'd have liked.

After a couple of months of intense therapy his muscle had substantially built up enough for Jazzie to begin using it more.

Stage1 Hydrotherapy is a small, friendly, relaxed, extremely professional unit and the therapist, Taya, is highly qualified to ensure all her clients, both human and canine, are treated with utmost care and respect at all times.

I thoroughly recommend Stage1 Hydrotherapy for all owners of dogs who need to strengthen muscles, bones or have to lose weight without high impact exercise. Liz Lancaster

Our Leonberger, Fender, started at Stage 1, as he had an undiagnosed problem with this gait and had lost some of his muscle on his hind legs and we thought that hydrotherapy would be a good way of increasing his muscle and strength, whilst our vet tried to diagnose his problem. Taya at Stage 1 initially took measurements and asked lots of questions about Fenders health issues before proceeding to help Fender into the pool. Whilst he does not have a problem with entering water, he was very wary of the ramp leading into the pool and Taya was careful to take her time in letting him get used to the environment and ramp. Being an 11 stone dog and probably one of the largest dogs Taya has had in the pool, there is still room for him to swim around and after only a month he had started to put the muscle back on and his mobility had started to improve, despite the problem still being undiagnosed. We would highly recommend Stage 1 Hydrotherapy and without Taya's friendly and knowledgeable treatment, we think that Fender would have continued to go downhill before any diagnosis was made. We are still waiting for a definitive diagnosis from our vet, which should hopefully be soon, but will continue to recommend Stage 1 for any animal that requires hydrotherapy.Brian Curtis, Helston

Hello, I am a nine-year old German Shepherd, called Lottie with arthritis due to hip dysplasia and spondylosis. I have been going to hydrotherapy since January 2012, initially twice weekly, but now, as things have improved, once a week.

However reluctant I pretend to be when getting into the water and however much deafening noise I make while swimming, Taya is unfailingly kind, encouraging, and never cross. So I would recommend hydrotherapy with Taya to all canines who may need it. I certainly feel the benefit, (and secretly I enjoy it –though don’t tell my owner!).

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Charley Shears and I am a client of Taya Allison at Stage 1 Canine Hydrotherapy. My mistress is writing to you, to keep you informed of the benefits of using the Hydrotherapy pool. My friend, Ann Shaw, recommended that I should have a dip in the pool because I kept getting a limp. My mistress had to contact her vet to obtain the confirmation that I could have a go in the pool. When I first arrived, I was overawed and very scared. However, once Taya helped me into the pool, I have not looked back. On my first meeting with her, she took all my measurements and after ten weeks she measured me again, and guess what? I had added some muscle and felt really toned up and my limp had disappeared. I feel so good when I come out. So I would like to recommend her services to any of my fellow canines whom you think would benefit from having a swim. There is nothing like personal recommendation, so, please contact Taya, for further details and maybe I shall see my canine friends in passing. Thank you Charley Shears, aged 7 years and three months. Assisted by Diana Shears

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