Making an Appointment


Canine and Small Animal Rehabilitation and Referral Clinic


Once our veterinary surgeon has decided that your pet needs to be referred for hydrotherapy treatment, a referral form can be downloaded from our website or faxed direct to the Veterinary centre on request.

The referring veterinary surgeon must complete and sign the necessary form before faxing it back to us along with any relevant clinical history.

Upon receipt of this we will contact the owner to arrange an initial appointment.

Alternately you can request hydrotherapy treatment for your dog from your vet should you wish your pet to attend water treatment sessions.

Please download the referral form from the veterinary consent page, fill out the owner’s part of the form and ask your veterinary surgeon to complete the veterinarian section.


Introductory Session

On your pet's first appointment please bring with you:

A) Registration Referral Form (if not faxed prior to your appointment)

B) Your pet's vaccination certificate if  applicable

C) A suitable coat or blanket to keep your pet warm on his or her journey home.

The first session can be up to an hour long and will primarily involve getting your pet used to the environment with a detailed discussion of the hydrotherapy procedure. On this appointment we discuss and record your dogs full clinical history, make health, measurement and weight records. A gait and positioning analysis is done and a health check are also given and kept on our data base.

After confirming the clinical history, the required paperwork will be explained along with the health and safety rules and regulations.

A general health check will  be carried out we may take weight,  muscle and joint measurements in order to monitor changes throughout the course of treatment.

We will also assess general fitness, all findings will be included in a written report that will be sent to the referring veterinarian after the initial 10 water treatment sessions.

Reports are regularly prepared for the referring veterinary surgeon for their records.

Clinical notes are kept throughout the course and weight and measurement charts created.

An evaluation of each animal is necessary on the first session, it is very important to ease them into the routine gently especially if they are nervous.

Introduction into the pool or treadmill will be brief at first, with short stint times and regular rests depending on fitness and ability.

Increased stamina is required when exercising in water compared to land exercise.

Your  dog may panic at first, creating a splash or swimming to the edges of the pool. This is not unusual and just requires gentle reassurance and further repetition to reinforce confidence. Each animal has a preferred method of swimming. If after perseverance the animal is not adjusting then we will try other methods of hydrotherapy.

Subsequent Sessions

Each subsequent appointment will be up to half an hour long and will include; warming up, showering, general health check, swimming or treadmill  session, showering and drying.

We will always discuss the previous session, any progress made and the general demeanour of the dog on the day of the treatment. This will all be considered and the treatment  time/method may be altered accordingly.

Home care is essential for the hydrotherapy patient and we recommend that owner's continue massage and gentle stretches between treatment sessions.


Opening Times

We are open Monday to Saturday with late evening appointments available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

All sessions are by appointment only. Missed appointments will be charged at full rate.


Initial Full Assessment Appointment £55.00 (up to 1 hour appointment)

Each subsequent treatment session £33.00 (up to 30 minute appointment)

We accept cash and cheque.

Some Insurance Companies will now cover hydrotherapy when it is referred by your veterinary surgeon. Please check with your individual insurance company with regards to this. We are not able to claim payment from insurance companies directly, you will have to pay for your sessions and then claim them back.


TEL: 01736 751799                               FAX: 01736 753112